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In this episode, we interview Fran Kirmser, co-author of the new book, A Life in Dance: A Practical Guide. Fran revealed how a class assignment turned into a quest with Rebecca Stenn to create a resource book for dancers. Fran read from the book and shared some stories from contributing artists.  Throughout our conversation, we talked about the various strengths and skills dancers possess that they can rely on to make their own life in dance and beyond.  Look for the book on Amazon and

Fran Kirmser spent twenty years working as a dance producer and consultant, working with artists such as Shen Wei, Doug Varone and Donna Uchizono and Francesca Harper, among many others. She began dancing professionally at the age of fourteen and later started her company Fran Kirmser Productions. Her company provides counseling, raises funds, and creates promotional campaigns for emerging artists and produces new work. She is a two-time Tony Award winning producer and Tony voter as well. In 2009, she conceived of a sports series for stage to explore themes of resilience and drive after the 2008 financial crash, which included the play “Lombardi,” now slated to be a major motion picture. She’s currently producing “American Scoreboard,” a reading series of verbatim senate and congressional hearings that reflect the decisions of the Trump administration. The series occurs two months and is free and open to the public. Fran has taught master classes in producing dance at Columbia University and NYU Tisch School of Dance among other institutions across the country. Her passion is coaching emerging artists and empowering them to realize their work to stage. She is now a social dancer and a mom.

Sarah Benvenuti


Jessica and Sarah Benvenuti, founder of Benvenuti Arts, met up for a friendly chat and drink on a rooftop bar in New York City.  Sarah shared her seasoned approach to fundraising for small arts organizations and artists while sharing helpful tips for artists interested in increasing their fundraising impact.  They talked about practical fundraising strategies, donor and audience engagement, the case for support, grant writing, crowdfunding, fiscal sponsorship, and more.  Artists, this is not an episode to miss! (more…)

Dance/NYC 2016 Symposium: Philanthropic Approaches to Advancing Racial Equity


Audience members were enthusiastic to share what they learned from this Dance/NYC 2016 Symposium session, which spotlighted select funding initiatives underway to address racial justice and equity in dance and the larger cultural sector.


This post is part of a series of interviews conducted at the Dance/NYC 2016 Symposium.