Sarah Benvenuti


Jessica and Sarah Benvenuti, founder of Benvenuti Arts, met up for a friendly chat and drink on a rooftop bar in New York City.  Sarah shared her seasoned approach to fundraising for small arts organizations and artists while sharing helpful tips for artists interested in increasing their fundraising impact.  They talked about practical fundraising strategies, donor and audience engagement, the case for support, grant writing, crowdfunding, fiscal sponsorship, and more.  Artists, this is not an episode to miss!

Sarah Benvenuti has worked in arts and culture for over a decade, gaining experience across the country in theater, dance, film, education, and other cultural fields. She has worked with over 40 small arts organizations and individual artists, assisting them with fundraising, financial, administrative, planning, and interim needs.

Benvenuti began her career as Director of Future Tenant in Pittsburgh, PA. Before founding Benvenuti Arts, she served as Special Events Manager of Arena Stage in Washington, DC; Managing Director of Curious Theater Company in Denver, Colorado; and Director of Development and Interim Managing Director of The Civilians in Brooklyn, NY. Having consulted with small organizations and individual artists since 2011, she founded Benvenuti Arts in 2014 with the goal of helping small and mighty organizations build up the operational support needed to create and produce their work.

Learn more about Sarah and Benvenuti Arts at

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