DOCF: Horizontes & Cubano Bas (paired program)

Cubano BasHorizontes is a documentary featuring dancers from three generations in Cuba, including the famous Alicia Alonso. It screened with the whimsical short film Cubano Bas, made by Kathy Rose with the original composition of Greg Boyer. We spoke to an audience member about Horizontes and to Kathy and Greg about Cubano Bas.


DOCF: DFA’s Galen Bremer

Galen_Bremer_Headshot-150x150One thing we learned about Galen Bremer, Associate Director of Dance Films Association, is that he likes to pontificate about dance (his words)! Enjoy a few fun minutes of pontification that we managed to squeeze out of his busy day in between screenings.


Mono No Aware1

This episode with Brighid Greene, Programs Director of Dance Films Association (DFA), kicks off PDD’s 2016 partnership with DFA’s annual Dance on Camera Festival (DOCF)! This year, the festival runs February 12th-16th. Get tickets here!

In conversation with Brighid, we learned how DFA selects films for this longstanding festival in partnership with the Film Society of Lincoln Center and how Brighid herself defines dance film. We were encouraged to hear that the dedication and vision of the filmmakers is distinctly important to festival programmers, and we were fascinated by Brighid’s interpretation of dance film as “visual physicality.” We also learned about 2016 festival programming and discussed Brighid’s experience as a performer in Then She Fell, the critically acclaimed immersive dance theater production.

Find Jessica and Clara conducting on-site interviews at DOCF on February 13th!