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Amy Jordan, by Brian Thomas

We hope you’ll derive inspiration for the new year from our interview with the awe-inspiring Amy Jordan – author, inspirational speaker, consultant, choreographer and classically trained dancer! Amy spoke with us about overcoming the many challenges life has brought her, with dance as a backdrop of strength and renewal.  She talked us through her D.A.N.C.E. method of approaching situations: determination, acceptance, never-give-up, courage, and enthusiasm. (You can learn more about it in her new book, Dance Because You Can: 5 Steps to Transform Trauma into Triumph, available on Amazon!) Amy also emphasized the importance of continuing to seek, strive and work through every challenge in life as an ongoing process, rather than giving in to what may be an increasingly prevalent mindset that sees success and failure in black and white terms. Enjoy the conversation, and happy 2019!

Amy has Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes and fought most of her life to  hide it. As a professional dancer, she experienced complications from the diabetes that caused her to lose sight in one eye becoming legally blind.  Unable to continue her dance career, she turned her attention to supporting others living with diabetes. This began her life-long work as an advocate and motivator. She founded the SWEET ENUFF Movement to help prevent childhood obesity through dance and exercise, which became a top 5 national finalist of First Lady Michelle Obama’s ‘End Childhood Obesity Challenge.’

Amy faced another major life challenge when she was hit and run over by a bus while living in New York City.  The accident nearly ended her life, and her leg came close to being amputated. She used her dance training and discipline to survive dozens of surgeries and managed to regain use of her leg. After years of rehabilitation, Amy returned to fitness classes, began choreographing and returned to her essence as a dancer in 2014 when she founded The Victory Dance Project, a NYC-based professional dance company. Today, Amy strives to inspire and motivate others to overcome ANY adversity.  She continues to choreograph and and is a sought-after motivational speaker and coach.  Amy shares her unique DANCE philosophy in her signature presentation Dance because You Can. She believes that the process of Creating Your Own Victory Dance is the key to success in business, leadership and life.  Amy’s book, Dance Because You Can: 5 Steps to Transform Trauma into Triumph was released in October 2018.