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Goodbye from Pod de Deux

Dear Friends of Pod de Deux,

Thank you for your support over the last 6 years as we worked to bring you a range of in-depth interviews with professionals from every corner of the dance world. 

Recently, we’ve been able to sustain Pod de Deux podcast thanks to volunteer hosts Michael Mahany, Paul Hamilton, Anutan Byers and Sabrina Karlin, whose contributions have been truly invaluable.

Now, as the world slowly comes back to life around us and we move into new stages of our careers, it is time for us to step away from Pod de Deux. 

We have built a robust collection of contacts, relationships and resources throughout the years of producing this podcast, and we are open to sharing these resources or even passing on the mantle and branding of “Pod de Deux” to a new Producer or team should that be of interest to anyone. Feel free to reach out if you would like to discuss!

We are eternally grateful for the journey that producing this podcast has been and for everyone we connected with along the way. Thank you again for joining us. 

Of course, we can’t wait to be back in theaters bumping into each other again soon!! 

Please stay in touch!


Jessica & Clara

Dance on Camera Festival Interviews

On12741974_1055623527812688_5617432183316382426_n February 13th, Jess and Clara played reporter at the Dance on Camera Festival in New York City, interviewing filmmakers and audience members on the spot. It was a whole new experience after our exclusively in-studio interviews to date, and we had a fantastic time. We were able to capitalize on the excitement of the moment and get great raw feedback about the films that were presented. We weren’t working in our usual soundproof studio environment, so be prepared for background noise; we think it’s kind of fun to feel immersed!

The festival took place at the Film Society of Lincoln Center and was produced by Dance Films Association.

Announcing our new podcast series, Pod De Deux!

We are excited to unveil our new podcast series, Pod De Deux. Join us as we explore current issues and trends in the dance community through frank and relaxed conversations with dance-makers. Guests will include dancers, choreographers, administrators, and anyone else with a firm connection to the dance world. This is not a strictly interview-style show. We seek to understand our guests’ experiences through an honest back-and-forth that will ultimately be more thought-provoking and spirited than a simple Q&A.  Our first episode will be posted soon!

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