Personal & Business Coach Devon Bandison joins new PDD Host Antuan Byers, as well as Jessica and Clara, to help the PDD team prepare to integrate racial justice conversations into our work. This work will begin with Antuan’s upcoming series called The LLAB (Listening, Learning and Building), which will create a space to share marginalized Black voices, to learn from their experiences, and dream for ways in which we can move forward. In preparation for this and more, Devon helps us understand how to approach racial conversations and our own contributions as individual members of society. 

Devon Bandison is one of the most sought-after personal and business coaches in the world. He works with Fortune 100 Companies and people from all walks of life, including professional athletes, CEO’s, salespeople, small business owners, filmmakers, producers, parents, and more.

Devon was born and raised in New York City, where his love of sports and hard work resulted in him receiving a basketball scholarship to Belmont Abbey College in North Carolina. After graduating, he spent years working on the front lines in NYC with an organization responsible for developing behavioral health programs for youth, families and first-time fathers in some of the toughest neighborhoods throughout the city. As Director of this organization, he was responsible for the clinical and leadership development of social workers, psychiatrists and managers. He now serves as the Director of Children’s Services for the Community Mental Health Services division, in addition to running his coaching company and keeping up with numerous coaching and speaking engagements.

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